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As part of its mandate to develop the capital market, the main regulator, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), set up the Capital Markets Promotion Council (CMPC) in 2012 to strengthen its internationalisation agenda for Malaysia’s capital market, as set out in the Capital Market Masterplan 2 (CMP2). The SC firmly believes that the outcome will translate into a strong and vibrant capital market with depth and diversity that will benefit the economy and provide growth opportunities for the industry.

In the 2013 Federal Budget speech, the Prime Minister had announced the creation of CMPC in recognition of the need for a holistic promotional initiative that will proactively position Malaysia as a centre for investment and fundraising in the international arena.

CMPC was rebranded as Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM), and structured as a promotional initiative that would leverage on the industry’s expertise in shaping its strategies. In 2014, SC launched CMM, representing the multi-faceted Malaysian capital market with its wide range of conventional and Islamic products, supported by a strong governance infrastructure.

CMM ensures consistency and coordination among various stakeholders of the capital market in promoting the offerings and expertise of the market through different communication channels. An integrated international agenda will facilitate the promotion of the Malaysian capital marketplace, bringing together investors and investment opportunities.

In order to achieve impactful outcomes from this national agenda, it was concluded that consistent marketing and business development is necessary on a global platform to position Malaysia as an international marketplace for investment and fundraising opportunities and transactions.

CMM was tasked to effectively profile the competitiveness and attractiveness of the various segments of the capital market via a comprehensive and integrated approach to increase international participation and enhance opportunities for Malaysian capital market intermediaries.

CMM’s primary functions include:

  • Acting as an intermediary to connect international investors/issuers to the appropriate entities within the Malaysian capital market
  • Supporting access to current relevant information to enable issuers and investors to access the full spectrum of instruments in the Malaysian capital market
  • Channelling industry feedback and providing insights to regulators and policymakers on improvements required to further enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness
  • Maintaining independence in carrying out the scope of work

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