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Carbon Pricing Instruments to support Net Zero Ambitions

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We’re delighted to be collaborating with subject matter experts from ERM: Environmental Resources Management, once again, to bring you this timely webinar on #carbonpricing instruments and how they can support #climateambitions.

Hosted by our Centre for Sustainable Corporations, this two-hour workshop led by Yulia Dobrolyubova,  Seng Kee Wong,  Foong Ling Chin, Tirapon Premchitt and Kee Vern Lai will cover:

  • Introduction of key concepts such as carbon pricing instruments (carbon tax, emissions trading), offsetting, insetting, natural climate solutions
  • Global trends and carbon market landscape
  • Recent developments in Southeast Asia including case studies from neighbouring countries
  • How companies in the region are already participating in the carbon market and integrating Internal Carbon Pricing as a helpful tool to support their Net Zero targets
  • A focus on Malaysia: Recent policy updates and case studies by leading companies
  • Recommendations for companies in Malaysia to prepare themselves for future carbon tax, domestic carbon trading and existing schemes, e.g. connecting businesses with Natural Climate Solutions

Slides presented during the webinar is available here: