Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM), an affiliate of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), has launched a comprehensive 12-month programme tailored specifically for companies within the mid-tier segment of Malaysia’s economy. The ELEVATE programme will provide guidance on business redesign strategies, fundraising models and access to financing through the capital market. Mid-tier companies are defined by MATRADE as manufacturing sector enterprises with annual revenues between RM 50 million to RM 500 million, and service sector enterprises with annual revenues of RM 20 million to RM 200 million. The aim of the ELEVATE programme is to support mid-tier companies that have the potential to grow their businesses to the next level. Recognising that funding is a key element in a company’s growth strategy, the programme prepares these enterprises for fundraising through the capital market, an objective which is aligned with the SC’s own market development initiatives.


CMM has partnered with 1337 Ventures Sdn Bhd for the delivery of the programme and received significant contribution in the form of coaching and mentoring by Malaysian business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs. Each cohort of 30-40 companies will undergo a 12-month programme, which includes monthly modules, mentorship, consultations, electives, networking events, and workshops, totaling up to:

The programme involves three phases, starting with reinforcing business and financial management fundamentals, before moving on to design thinking and finally, the introduction of strategic funding options.  A differentiating element of the programme is the provision of tailor-made coaching and mentoring by business leaders and senior practitioners from the capital market. The ELEVATE programme will also provide participants with a platform to pitch to sophisticated investors, as well as private equity and venture capital firms that are registered in Malaysia.

Supplementary Activities

Apart from the formal training sessions, participants will also benefit from informal mentoring and networking sessions with business leaders through the supplementary activities of the programme.

Pitching Session (Once every 3 months)

To ensure participants get used to pitching, the programme will include 3 workshops on pitching such as “Pitching 101”, “Develop your pitch” and general “Pitch Sessions” to have the art of storytelling ingrained, whilst getting them used to pitching.

Coaching (Once every 3 weeks)

The programme will also comprise of bi-weekly scheduled coaching sessions to review participant’s materials and homework, ensuring that they have the tasks done prior to the next module.

Gala Nights/Networking (Once every 2 months)

Bi-monthly events will be organised for participants to network and pitch to past EY Entrepreneurs of the Year candidates, Digerati50 leaders, external PE firms, Investment Banks, Venture Capital firms, or other successful entrepreneurs.

Programme Fees

While the ELEVATE programme is substantially funded by the Capital Markets Development Fund (CMDF), participants of the programme will be required to pay a fee of RM 6,000 per company for certain components of the programme. This fee is HRDF claimable.

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