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How Malaysia has Leveraged its Islamic Finance Leadership to Develop a Sustainable Finance Ecosystem

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As a resource-rich developing nation, Malaysia is developing a sustainable economy that prioritizes renewable energy, responsible land use, responsible palm oil production and sustainable water and mass transport. At the same time, the country is leveraging its leadership in Islamic finance and the Islamic capital market to create innovative sustainable financing solutions for environmental and social financing projects.

CMM’s participation at COP27 will highlight:

  • The role of the Islamic capital market in expanding the sustainable financing universe
  • Sustainable finance initiatives being driven by Malaysia’s financial sector intermediaries, and in particular how Malaysian Islamic finance expertise has been leveraged to develop depth and breadth in sustainable finance
  • How financial regulators have enabled the development of the sustainable finance ecosystem through frameworks, roadmaps and taxonomies
  • The development of a voluntary carbon market to accelerate transition to net zero

Hear from senior financial regulators and leading industry players:

  • Zainal Izlan Zainal Abidin, Deputy Chief Executive, Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Madelena Mohamed, Director, Sustainability Unit and Islamic Banking and Takaful Department, Bank Negara Malaysia  
  • Fad’l Mohamed, CEO, Maybank Investment Bank
  • Faroze Nadar, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Malaysia
  • Jefferi Hashim, CEO, CIMB Investment Bank
  • Raja Amir Raja Azwa Shah, CEO, HSBC Amanah Malaysia
  • Dr Wei-nee Chen, Executive Vice President, Head, Carbon Market, Bursa Malaysia
  • Eugene Wong, CEO, Sustainable Finance Institute Asia

Attendance is open to all participants at COP27.

Please find HERE further details of the programme. For enquiries on participation, please contact Mishallani Nair Reveedran at