Mid-Tier Programme

In 2020, Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM) will launch its three year Mid-Tier Programme to support the development of Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs). MTC, as defined by MATRADE, are manufacturing companies with annual revenues of between RM50 million and RM500 million and service sector companies with annual revenues of between RM20 million and RM200 million.


The programme is aimed at facilitating MTCs’ access to a full range of funding options; increasing the company’s profile and visibility; promoting relationships and opportunities with potential investors; and supporting management best practice and entrepreneurship. It is intended to prepare senior leadership of selected MTCs to shape their organisations in a more transparent manner, to strengthen their business model and to learn to articulate a vision of growth. The eventual aim of the programme is to build a viable pipeline of sound growth companies for potential fund raising through private equity, venture capital/debt and public listing.

CMM has committed to securing a pipeline of Mid-Tier Companies ready to raise funding through the capital market; with a focus on specific segments of the economy; namely Export, Technology and Halal economies, which we believe have potential to be key segments that could drive growth and economic development. In order to create a pipeline of mid-tier growth companies. CMM will work with both government agencies and private sector entities who are already engaging with MTCs with growth potential and will be able to provide CMM with a qualified list of potential companies. The Programme, a twelve month training, coaching and mentoring programme is intended to benefit 300 Mid-Tier Companies (MTC) over a 36 month period.

Key Outcome
  • To expand the breadth of enterprises that can raise financing through the capital market, which in turn offer a wider and more sophisticated range of products and services that will be a catalyst for growth in the number and depth of a full range of investors
  • To develop a pipeline of potential issuers that have been trained to meet the governance requirements of the capital market
  • To ensure that these potential issuers are aware and prepared for the nuances of fund raising through the capital market which requires fund raisers to be more structured and visible to potential investors
  • To develop a pipeline of companies ready to funded through public or private markets
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